will homeowners insurance cover termite damage

Will my Homeowner’s Insurance cover Termite Damage?

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Homeowner’s insurance is intended to provide peace of mind that protects you and your assets in the event your home and property are damaged. A typical homeowner’s insurance policy covers damage from fire, theft, windstorms, hail, and lightning strikes… but what about termites? The answer can be complicated, so the experts at AAA Termite and Pest Control want to help you understand this issue.

Even though termites do an estimated $5 billion in property damage each year in the United States alone according to the National Pest Management Association, your standard homeowner’s policy will not cover property damage from termites or other insects and pests. This is because the insurance industry evaluates a termite infestation as a preventable situation, considering the typical termite colony takes three to five years to mature. It takes another three to five years for a thriving termite colony to do major damage to a building. Any termite infestation also comes with warning signs that are identifiable long before significant structural damage occurs. From the perspective of the insurance company, homeowners have the responsibility to identify these signs—either themselves or by hiring a professional company like AAA Termite & Pest Control to provide termite control and inspection services.

Is termite damage ever covered by homeowner’s insurance?

If termite damage is significant enough that there is a collapse in your home, your policy may cover the damage… but only if the termite damage was hidden out of sight, such as behind a wall. If the termite damage was visible, then neither the damage nor the collapse would be covered under a standard homeowner insurance policy. In the same vein, if termites chewed the wiring of your home, leading to an electrical fire, then the fire damage would be covered, but the termite damage would not be.

Is termite insurance available?

Certain home insurance policies can cover damage from termites and other wood-boring insects, but these policies are more expensive, and it can be difficult to find an insurer who offers protection of this sort. A better option is to set up a termite maintenance contract in Cordova, such as with AAA Termite & Pest Control. This maintenance plan includes regularly scheduled inspections and treatments, and many termite plans also offer coverage for any termite damage to your home during the life of the plan.

In other words, the cost of repairing termite damage is going to fall on you, in most cases. That’s why we believe prevention is your best defense when it comes to preventing termite damage. We offer protection plans for your home or business. We also offer inspections to anyone going through the process of buying property, so they can make sure the structure they are buying is termite-free.

To learn more about our services and how we can keep your home or business termite-free, give AAA Termite & Pest Control a call at (901) 737-7378 to schedule an on-site inspection and consultation with one of our professional technicians. We are proud to serve commercial and residential customers in the areas of Cordova and Memphis in Tennessee.