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Termite Awareness Week is almost here

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It’s not every day that you wake up and think “Oh, I might have termites,” but if a termite inspector in Cordova tells you that these pests have infiltrated your home, it can be a scary, overwhelming feeling. Termites are often an unnoticed threat, but they cost homeowners across America, collectively, billions of dollars. There are so many termites that it’s estimated there are 1,000 pounds of termites for every person on Planet Earth. At AAA Termite and Pest Control, we are determined to make the general public more knowledgeable about this threat. Every year in March and April, it is termite-mating season. That’s why March 12-18 is Termite Awareness Week.

This is one week a year that you could set aside to make sure this nuisance doesn’t overrun your home. That’s why, this year, AAA Termite and Pest Control asks you to take a small amount of time out of your busy schedule and go through this termite checklist, to ensure there are no problems in your home.

Termites are so good at going unseen that often the first signs of damage are when you identify swarming adults, find wood damaged already in your house, or you stumble upon a mud tube—one of the small tunnels termites use to travel to and from their nest. In order to do a quick safety check of your house, you should take a pointed tool like an ice pick, fire poker, or screwdriver.

Then you should begin doing the following:

  • Using your sharp tool, check the wood in and outside of your home for damage.
  • Watch for moisture build-up or apparent drainage problems.
  • Small silvery white wings and sawdust sometimes can be visible.
  • Mud tubes from soil to wood, or vice versa, is a commonly found sign that these tiny monsters are trying to move into your home.

A little diligent maintenance also can go a long way. Here are some of your to-do’s to prevent termites:

  • Fix cracks in concrete foundations or posts.
  • If you have a deck, make sure the posts have concrete footings.
  • Prevent porch steps from making direct contact with soil.
  • Try to keep the soil at least 8 inches from any wooden structure.
  • Clean up loose branches, woodpiles, or debris as often as possible.
  • Fixing plumbing issues can be a major step towards keeping termites at bay. This should include keeping up with usual maintenance of your plumbing as well as your HVAC.
  • Planters and trellises should not be placed directly against your house.
  • Clean gutters frequently to prevent wood damage that may attract termites.

When it comes to termites, remember it’s better safe than sorry

Termites move fast so timing can be all too important, and any sign of trouble is one sign too many. Contacting the professionals at AAA Termite and Pest Control is your safest option. We have multiple options for keeping termites away. We also can contain an infestation in its early stages, and then eradicate termites entirely. A pest management professional can assist you in making any decision regarding the future safety of your home, so don’t make this the time you risk trying a do-it-yourself approach. There are so many species of termite that it can be near impossible for the untrained eye to know the correct approach.

Termites are no laughing matter. They can cost you your home. Take the time this spring to do a quick check of your house. For termite treatments or an inspection, don’t hesitate to call AAA Termite and Pest Control at (901) 737-7378 if you live in the areas of Cordova and Memphis, TN.