how to tell if you have termites

How to tell if you have Termites

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Termites are swarming winged insects that make their presence known most often during the summertime or warm spring season. However, termites can still be quite active during the winter. Trying to spot these unwanted pests in or around your home may be difficult, but there are certainly warning signs that may signal you have a termite infestation. Here is what to look for and what to do if you believe that you may have termites destroying your investment – your home.

Live Termites

Termites are known to look similar to ants, but they have shorter legs. Termites may even look like larva or maggots. It is common for winged termites to be mistaken for ants that have wings. Both have four wings and are about the same size.

But, here are some unique characteristics that may help you distinguish between the two.

Termites have straight antennas that resemble a string of beads that is if you were able to look at it closely enough. The waist of termites is plump and thick. Ants, however, have a joint in both of their antennas, and a narrow cinched waist.

Shed Wings

After termites mate, they shed their wings in search of a permanent home for nesting. If you see piles of wings around your home, this could be a sign of nesting termites, something you want to put an end to sooner or later.

Mud Tubes

To prevent their bodies from drying out, termites like to build mud tubes to burrow in. Moisture from the mud helps protect them from drying out. If you ever find these mud tubes around your home, call a professional termite exterminator in Cordova. Vacant mud tubes could indicate that your home previously had an infestation. These residual mud tubes could attract a new generation of termites, so it is a good idea to take action to prevent termites from creating a hazard in your home again. You can discourage termites by directing water runoff away from your home, cut down and remove any dead trees or stumps that are on your property, and avoid leaving piles of wood stacked too close to your home.

Moist Wood

Wood that is damp with moisture is the perfect environment for growing fungi and wood-destroying termites. Fungi may seem harmless, but even fungi can be hazardous to your home’s structure. Ensure that your crawlspace and attic remain dry and free of moisture, which would attract termites or other wood-destroying insects. Keep all structural wood inside or attached to your home dry or properly sealed to prevent an unwanted invitation to termites.

Damage to your home

If you discover signs of termites or would like to have peace of mind in knowing that your home is free of these wood-destroying insects, call AAA Termite and Pest Control today and schedule a termite inspection. We offer termite inspections for new construction homes, too.

Termite Inspection in Cordova

If you are in need of pest control services or a termite inspection, call AAA Termite and Pest Control today at (901) 737-7378. We provide pest control services to homes and businesses in Cordova, and Memphis, Tennessee.