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Can Termites Return after Treatment

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If you have had termites infiltrate your home, and then received treatment from a Memphis pest control company, you probably will be concerned that termites will return. You are right to be worried. Termites can come back, and if your home already has sustained damage from these pests, it will be even more vulnerable to a major infestation. Don’t let this happen to you! Follow these tips from your Memphis termite experts at AAA Termite and Pest Control to prevent a repeat infestation of termites in your home.

Hire the right pest control company to treat for termites

We understand the stress of maintaining your household budget, but when choosing a pest control company in Memphis, this is not the time to try and find a bargain. Using a high-quality pest control company makes a big difference. Yes, these companies may cost more, but they use the most advanced chemicals and employ well-trained technicians with experience dealing with termites in all kinds of different situations. AAA Termite and Pest Control can conduct a termite inspection in Cordova for homes and businesses. If termites are detected, we can apply treatments to eliminate these wood-destroying pests.

An annual service agreement with a professional pest control company is the only way to fully protect your home against termites

Eradicating termites that have infiltrated your home is just part of the solution. You also need to create a barrier surrounding the perimeter of your home to keep termites from infesting your residence again. For these reasons, to protect against termites in Memphis, you should enter an annual agreement with a professional Memphis pest control company like AAA Termite and Pest Control. This annual fee serves as termite insurance; your home will be treated for termites for a one-year period and, if they do return, AAA Termite and Pest Control will eradicate the termites and cover any repair costs that may be incurred from any damage they do to your home.

Homeowners can take certain steps to minimize their risk of termite infestation

Proper lawn care is a key step in limiting the likelihood that termites infest your residence. Measures you should take include removing any dead trees, including the stump if possible; refrain from storing firewood against or near the foundation of your home; and avoid mulching directly against the foundation of your home. Also, keep your gutters cleaned out, and keep wood on your home sealed or painted.

Professional termite service in Memphis

Once termites have entered your home or any wooden structure on your property, it takes a trained and experienced termite professional to identify signs of an infestation and then provide treatments to eliminate these pests. Early treatment is key once an infestation is detected so that damage and repairs can be minimized.

AAA Termite and Pest Control also can perform termite inspections for new homebuyers in Memphis and Cordova. These inspections make sure the entire structure is free of termites. Once an inspection has been completed, we will issue a termite letter that is sent to your realtor or real estate agent, verifying that your home is free of termites.

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