How To Get Rid of Termites Memphis and CordovaMemphis, Cordova, Germantown & Collierville  TN

Termites can be a nuisance, reeking havoc not only on your home but even your wallet. Each year, termites cost home and business owners hundreds to millions of dollars worth of damage that is unfortunately not covered by insurance. Instead, the expense of costly repairs falls on you, the property owner. At AAA Termite and Pest Control in Memphis, TN, we not only know how to rid your home of termites, but we can also help prevent them too. The reason termites end up in your home in the first place is they are not picky eaters. In other words, they do not know the difference between wood in nature or wood that’s part of a home. Termite infestations can happen without you even knowing since termites can hide in walls, under your flooring, and even insulation. Although termites are known to live underground, they spend their entire life eating wood, breaking it down. Termites could essentially be eating away your home or business from the inside out and you may not even notice until the damage is already done. Termites typically enter a wooden structure through exposed wood, leaving the outer layer of wood intact, which makes termites harder to detect with the eye. Once termites are hidden within a wooden structure, only a trained termite professional can detect and control an infestation. It’s important to remedy a termite infestation as soon as it starts to prevent further damage and more costly repairs.

Not only is termite detection important for your current home or business, but also when you are purchasing a new property. When purchasing a home, the buyer is responsible for what’s called a real estate inspection, also known as a home inspection. A real estate inspection typically includes a termite inspection of the home to ensure the structure is termite free. AAA Termite and Pest Control of Memphis can thoroughly inspect any structure for termites. You wouldn’t want to purchase a home that’s about to fall down from a termite infestation or walk into an investment in which you have to pour money into to rid the structure of termites. That’s why hiring a termite professional to help with your real estate inspection is a smart choice, especially in the long run.  A real estate inspection for termites can also protect you as a property seller. You could risk losing potential buyers if the structure you are selling is infested with termites. Either way, once the termite inspection is complete and the structure is found to be free of termites, our trained technicians will issue a termite letter, guaranteeing your home free and clear of termites, which will be sent to your realtor as part of your real estate inspection. Then, you can be closer to owning your dream home!

Even if you aren’t purchasing or selling a home or business, it’s important to keep termites away from your home. If you are concerned that your home or business may have a termite issue, call us today (901) 737-7378 for a consultation performed by our most qualified technicians in the field. Rest at ease knowing your home is termite free.