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Scare off Cold-Weather Pests this Halloween

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Spiders are a popular motif in Halloween decorations but did you know that, at that time of year, you are much more likely to encounter the real thing? Your Memphis pest control experts at AAA Termite and Pest Control want to educate you on the potential dangers of cold-weather pests, and how to scare away these pests this Halloween.

Spiders reach maturity during the fall season, meaning they tend to be especially active by October 31. In most climates, the moist and cool temperatures during that time of year make this prime time for spiders to build their webs.

Most spiders pose no threat to humans

In many ways, spiders are beneficial to your home environment. They prey on other insects and pests, and most varieties of these arachnids do not threaten people. However, the fear of spiders is widespread and, it’s true, select varieties of spiders can be hazards. The most well known spider that can be a threat to people is the black widow. The bite of the black widow can cause severe pain and may produce a severe reaction if young children or senior citizens are bitten. Another potentially hazardous variety of spider is the brown recluse. These spiders can provoke severe allergic reactions or serious infections with their bites.

Follow these tips to scare off spiders this Halloween

Many varieties of spiders, especially the black window, prefer to hide out under furniture or boxes. They also may choose to congregate in woodpiles, corners, and crevices.

AAA Termite & Pest Control recommends homeowners take the following steps to discourage spiders from congregating.

Be diligent in removing trash and rubbish from your property on a regular basis. This includes woodpiles, boxes, plywood, and tires. Never store any of these items along the foundation of your home. Keep the interior of your home as clutter-free as possible, making sure to pay attention to storage areas, including closets and pantries.

Seal cracks and crevices around your doors, windows, and access holes for plumbing or electrical conduits.

If you leave clothes or shoes outside, in your garage, or on your porch, shake them out well before wearing them. Keep apparel that is worn just occasionally—such as gardening gloves or athletic equipment—in tightly sealed containers, preferably in the garage or other dark storage areas.

Know the signs of a brown recluse

If you find any low-lying spider webs on your property, especially that seem to have been made in a disorganized manner, then this is strong evidence that you have found the lair of a brown recluse and you should call a professional pest control company in Memphis to come out and evaluate the situation. At AAA Termite and Pest Control, each of our technicians is experienced and well trained in dealing with any type of pest—including spiders. Our professionals can rid your home and property of any type of spiders, including the brown recluse and black widow. Once these pests have been removed, our staff can perform regularly scheduled treatments to keep your home and property free of spiders, insects, and other types of household pests.

Get rid of spiders in Memphis

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