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Your Pet’s Food Could be a Magnet for Rodents

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Mice are fascinating creatures. They can enter homes through an opening as small as a dime. Often, these disease-borne rodents are searching for food and shelter, and your home may just be the perfect fit. If you have pets, though, their food could be attracting rodents into your home. Here’s how to know if your pet’s food bowl is a magnet for rodents in Memphis.

Do mice eat dog food?

Mice are omnivores, which means they are attracted to protein-rich foods or foods containing fat. While they prefer seeds and grains, mice will eat almost anything edible as long as it fulfills their dietary needs, even if that means polishing off your pet’s dinner. Mice can, and sometimes will eat dog food. Since dog food contains fat and protein, leftover dog food could attract mice into your home.

Mice Contaminate Food

Mice are known to carry diseases, such as the plague, typhus, rabies, and other infectious bacteria that are known to be harmful to humans, pets, and livestock. Rodents easily spread these diseases through their feces and hair that often is left behind wherever they have been. Proper rodent control is essential for the health and well-being of humans and animals. Even your dog or cat could be in danger of contracting a deadly disease from eating food that a mouse nibbled on.

How to Protect Your Pets

You can protect your pet by following these steps:
  • Only put out enough food that your pet can consume in one sitting.
  • Avoid allowing your pet to graze on food throughout the day or night.
  • Once your pet has finished their meal, store any leftover food in a tightly sealed container.
  • Wash out your pet’s food bowl after each meal or at least once a day.
  • Keep bags or cans of food tightly sealed.

How to Prevent Mice in Memphis Home

Mice can survive on as little as 4 to 5 grams of food a day. So, leaving leftover food crumbs lying around your kitchen could be like a buffet meal to a few mice. Aside from your pet’s food bowl, other things attract mice.

Follow these tips to prevent mice from entering your home in Memphis or Cordova:
  • Clean the kitchen daily (sweep floors and wipe counter after every meal)
  • Take out the trash every day
  • Avoid leaving leftovers or food scraps sitting out or in the trash
  • Wash dishes immediately, avoid letting them sit in the sink all day or overnight
  • Store all open food packages in a sealed container or sealable bag
  • Keep your house clean and void of clutter
  • Store memorabilia in tightly sealed plastic containers, not boxes
  • Seal up any cracks or crevices
  • Get professional pest control treatment regularly

If you notice signs of rodent activity in your home, such as mice droppings along baseboards, under furniture or in cabinets, then contact AAA Termite & Pest Control by calling (901) 737-7378. If you are looking for a mouse exterminator in Cordova or want to find out more ways to keep mice out of your Memphis home, our pest control technicians can help!