Spring Swarms

Serving Memphis, Cordova, Germantown & Collierville TN

Everyone has heard the saying “April showers bring May flowers” but guess what else the spring weather can usher in SWARMING TERMITES! Each year we are bombarded with calls from frantic homeowners shrieking that they have literally thousands of winged insects in their home. Or maybe they’ve been working out in the flowerbed and when they dug into thier mulch they discovered millions of small white little creatures crawling everywhere. Regardless of how you find those nasty little termites, there is one thing you always need to remember, don’t panic.

Finding active termites in your home can be nerve racking, to say the least. This is normally your largest purchase and where you’re family comes to escape the rest of the world after a long day of school, work or fighting dragons (for those of you little ones still at home), so I understand your urge to panic but DON’T! Having termites only means one thing, that in the very near future you’ve got to chose a termite professional to help rid your home of the unwanted invaders and help protect it form this day forward. Although termites do cause millions & millions of dollars of damage annually letting them reside in your home for 3-5 days longer isn’t going to mean your home will end up in a pile of sawdust.

Take your time and ask family and friends who they use, how long have they been using them, if they ever expierneced a problem how long did it take for the company to respond. Use the power of the web. Search out the companies you are considering, visit their website, read their reviews. Contact the BBB and see how your prospective companies fare against each other. Do your homework. Do you realize that most people probably spend more time researching a new TV than they do researching the company that will help protect their most prized possesion from termites. Makes you think doesn’t it?

Take a look at a news piece AAA Termite & Pest Control participated in recently with Fox 13 Memphis. Later that same day we were invited to sit down on KWAM 990 and discuss this matter even more. If we can ever help you feel free to call us anytime and remember – Don’t Panic ☺

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