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Tips for Pest Control This Winter

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Are you worried about pests this winter? The cooler air outside drives pests inside to look for a temporary home where it is warm and dry, as well as search for food. Taking the right precautions, there is no reason to fear pests getting into your home this winter. AAA Termite and Pest Control has some tips on how to keep your Cordova or Memphis home or property pest-free this winter!

Get Rid of What Pests Want

Pests are searching for specific conditions when winter comes. Be sure to inspect your home for signs of habitats already built by pests. One way to prevent pests is to clean out your gutters and downspouts, eliminating any debris that has built up. Another step in pest prevention for your home is to remove any debris that has collected along the foundation of your home such as brush piles and leaves. Mulch is something that pests love, so make sure not to let mulch rest against your house or business. Removing pest habitats is very important in pest prevention but can be dangerous! Your pest control experts at AAA Termite and Pest Control can handle your habitat removal needs in Cordova and Memphis.

Seal Openings

There are several parts of your home or business that have openings to the outside such as around pipes and wiring. These areas will need to be sealed to prevent pests. Windows, crawl spaces and doors will need to be checked to seal up any openings or cracks. There may be cracks and openings in your foundation too. Windows and screens may have holes or openings that will need to be sealed, and sometimes these screens may need to be replaced entirely. Finally, don’t forget about the vents in your attic or inside your crawl space. These can be easy access points for unwanted pests.

Don’t Feed the Pests

In winter, natural food supplies are not around, and many pests will seek out alternative sources. Outside, keep your trash bins tightly lidded and away from your home. If you keep bird feeders stocked, make sure they are a safe distance from your home and that you regularly clean up spilled seed or discarded hulls. Indoors, store your food in airtight containers preferably made of metal or plastic. The same rule applies to bags of dog and cat food. Make sure pet food is securely stored and not left out for longer than it takes your pet to eat it.

Protect Your Home or Business against Pests in Cordova and Memphis

At AAA Termite and Pest Control, we offer pest prevention services in Cordova and Memphis to give you the peace of mind you are looking for. Try as you might, but one way or another, pests will find their way into your home at some point. To keep infestations at bay, hire a professional pest control company such as AAA Termite and Pest Control to treat your home and property regularly. This way, unwanted pests will stay outside your home this winter and throughout the year.

AAA Termite and Pest Control provides consultations on winterizing your home to prevent pests. We can customize your treatments to ensure you receive the most for your money. To schedule a consultation or pest control service, contact AAA Termite and Pest Control today by calling (901) 737-7378. We provide pest control services to the Cordova and Memphis, Tennessee areas.