dont let pest ruin tailgating

Don’t let Pests ruin your Tailgating Fun

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For some folks, there are only two seasons throughout the year: football season and waiting for football season. Guess what? Football season is back in full swing. If you live for game day, you’ll probably be choosing to celebrate during this joyous time of the year. And by celebrating we mean the traditional football feast and gathering: a tailgate party. Tailgating is the time when we gather our friends, colleagues, cohorts, and rivals to enjoy a smorgasbord of foods and drinks in abundance in honor of our mighty team that so playeth on the day we rest. In this time of merriment, we do however have to deal with uninvited guests on occasion—the tailgate party’s natural enemy, bugs. AAA Termite & Pest Control is here to comfort you and ensure that this beloved tailgate tradition doesn’t get trampled upon by a gaggle of arthropods.

Whether you’re rooting for the Tigers or the Vols, follow our simple guide and your tailgate will be bug-free.

  • Plan ahead – Be proactive and plan for your daily activities. It stays warm well into the football season in Memphis and in the Southeast. Spray yourself with mosquito repellent before you’ve started getting bit, then again re-apply during the festivities so you won’t be eaten up by pests.
  • Put a lid on it – Keep a lid or sealed container of some variation for any and every food and beverage on hand. The smell of your grill will entice everyone, but closing any food storage will keep away winged and crawling nuisances that are looking for a sugary treat. Sweet smells, in particular, will attract pests like ants, bees, and flies.
  • Hygiene – We know you’ve bathed, but we’re talking about debris and trash. Clean up spills fast. Avoid leaving dirty plates, cups, and dishes lying around. Clean up once everyone has enjoyed their food so that you don’t attract unwanted pests.
  • Climate Control – If we could change the weather for ideal football temperatures we would, but we can’t. You can bring a fan, however. Place the grill in the sun and the fan toward you, the cook. Not only will your food blow your guests away, but the airflow from your fan will blow away the bugs. Climate control also involves setting the mood. Don’t throw on any Barry Manilow. Instead, bring a candle or some essential oils. Lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus are natural bug repellents.
  • Team Pride – Wear your best jerseys and hats. Staying covered will help keep you from being bitten.

Tailgating Bug-Free in Memphis Tennessee

AAA Termite & Pest Control wants you to celebrate your team. That means decking out and tailgating the way football intends you to do. We also want you to party responsibly and keep these pest-control tips in mind. We hope this helps to keep insects from crashing your tailgate. If you need any further advice or would like a consultation to understand your pest control options, and live in the Memphis or Cordova, TN areas, contact us by phone at (901) 737-7378. No matter what team colors you bleed, AAA Termite & Pest Control is here for you, providing quality pest control to homes and businesses.