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6 Reasons to get Professional Pest Control Treatments during the Holidays

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The holidays are coming, and the pests want to join your party. As the temperatures begin to drop this fall, the bugs and pests will be looking for a warm place to call home. Inside your home or business is the perfect place for them to call home for the winter season. Now is the time to protect your home from these invaders this holiday season.

Even if you don’t see pests such as cockroaches, fleas, ants, mice, and spiders, they can still lurk in the warm crevices of your home without you knowing it. And contrary to popular belief, pests are not “killed off” during the cold and freezing temperatures. AAA Termite & Pest Control wants o share six reasons why you should hire a professional pest control company in Cordova during the holidays.

  1. Pests Seek Shelter

As the weather turns colder, pests seek shelter in order to survive the harsh temperatures. That typically means they seek areas that are warm like your garage, a shed, the basement, and even under your flooring and in your walls. Most of the time, you can’t see them, but rest assured they are there and will emerge when they get hungry.

  1. Pests Survive Indoors

Once the pests enter your home or business, it becomes easy for them to survive. The warmth of the building protects their life and, therefore, the continuance of the species. But be careful! Once they make a home in your home or business, they are difficult to remove without the help of a pest control professional.

  1. Attics are the Perfect Shelter

With low human traffic and warm air, the attic is a perfect spot for spiders, mice, and wasps to make a home for the winter. Keep this area pest-free as the pests can damage your personal stored belongings, and even become a fire hazard if these pests chew on your wires.

  1. Rodents Look for Entry Points

Mice, rodents, and other similar pests can enter your home or business through small cracks around windows and doors. Also, they will find unsealed areas where pipes or wires enter the home or business. Make sure to seal any small holes or cracks to keep rodents out.

  1. Our Guarantee

AAA Termite & Pest Control guarantees that our services will protect your home or business from unwanted pests this winter and holiday season. Once we have serviced your home or business and you see another pest, please call us so we can return to correct the problem at no additional charge to you.

  1. Set Yourself Up for Spring

By maintaining a barrier around your home or business with winter pest protection, the Spring will bring fewer pests when the weather warms back up. Start the prevention process now because year-round treatments are best for pest prevention.

Don’t allow uninvited and unwanted pest guests to crash your holiday party this winter season. Call AAA Termite & Pest Control today at (901) 737-7378 to schedule your appointment. We provide termite and pest control services to the areas of Cordova and Memphis, Tennessee.