why mosquitos find some people irresistible

Why Mosquitos Find Some People Irresistible

why mosquitos find some people irresistible

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Every day that you are outside during the summer puts you at risk for being bitten by a disease-carrying mosquito. Does it ever seem like mosquitos are attracted to you, and not other people around? It is not your imagination, health experts have now discovered that mosquitos do find some people irresistible.

Certain people such as pregnant women, people with Type O blood, and athletes attract mosquitos more than other people do. Also, drinking alcohol slightly raises your body temperature, which is what experts believe attracts mosquitos to people who drink.

For pregnant women, mosquitos are drawn to the excess carbon dioxide that is exhaled. Mosquitos are especially a concern for pregnant women because of the recent Zika virus that has surfaced. Although Zika virus has not been known to spread here in the U.S., most of those affected have transmitted the disease by being bitten while abroad. The Zika virus poses a serious threat to unborn fetuses by causing severe birth defects.

Athletes produce a higher amount of lactic acid, which is released by the body’s muscles during exercise. Mosquitos are attracted to the scent of lactic acid. If you are a runner or even just work outdoors, you are more likely to be bitten by mosquitos.

A recent study discovered that people with Type O blood were 83% more likely to get bitten by mosquitos than people with Type A blood, which barred the lowest risk of being bitten.

Regardless of your risk factor of being bitten by mosquitos, it is important to protect yourself with preventive measures. It takes only one bite to make you sick from a disease-carrying mosquito.

Here are some tips you can use to keep you and your family safe from mosquitos.

  • Use bug sprays with DEET
  • Eliminate standing water around your property (flower pots, buckets, etc.)
  • Wear clothing thick enough to prevent mosquitos from penetrating the fabric
  • Avoid being out at dusk, when mosquitos are most active
  • Do not wear perfume/cologne when going outside
  • Use citronella candles
  • Hire a professional pest company to spray your property with mosquito repellant

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