What’s the Deal with Carpenter Bees?

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Warmer months brings flowers and trees, along with bugs and insects. Carpenter bees, which resemble bumblebees, are a hairless variety of bee that makes them different than the yellow hair covered bumblebee. You can often find carpenter bees buzzing around wooded areas such as the eaves or wooden supports of your home. Today on the blog, your leading pest control company in Cordova, AAA Termite & Pest Control, addresses the question of what’s the deal with carpenter bees.

What makes a carpenter bee unique?

Carpenter bees are solitary creatures with a smooth, shiny black body that is about ¼ to one inch long, with six legs and antennae. They build their nests by burrowing holes in the wood creating “galleries” that the bees use as nests for eggs, food storage, and a place to take refuge during the winter. If you struggle with identifying a carpenter bee, you can contact your certified pest control technician in Memphis, AAA Termite & Pest Control, for pest identification.

The common areas where carpenter bees dig galleries are in areas of untreated, soft, or old wood since they are easier to dig through. Your professional pest control company in Cordova, AAA Termite & Pest Control, states you can typically find nests around eaves, railings, shingles, doors, or other areas where the wood is about two inches thick. Usually, the gallery can extend between four to six inches. Still, the bees can enlarge it up to ten feet if the area remains untouched and safe.

Unlike termites, carpenter bees do not consume the wood when boring holes. Carpenter bees consume nectar as they participate in the process of pollination. When carpenter bees are ready to mate and lay eggs, six to eight chambers are created within the galleries. The galleries get lined with a food substance for the larvae, commonly known as “bee bread,” made from pollen and regurgitated nectar. Then, they lay the eggs on top of the food and seal the chamber with chewed up wood pulp to keep the larvae safe as they grow into adults over the next 36 days, according to your Memphis exterminators.

Carpenter bees are unlike their bee cousins since they typically do not sting. The male carpenter bee does not have a stinger, and the female stings if she feels threatened. Therefore, if you are investigating a potential nest, you should be safe unless you intentionally harm the female or stick your finger in a bored hole. If you are unsure if you have a carpenter bee nest, feel free to contact your knowledgeable exterminators in Cordova, AAA Termite & Pest Control. Our trained technicians can help you identify and treat carpenter bee nests.

How do I prevent and get rid of carpenter bees?

There are some simple solutions to keep carpenter bees from establishing a home in your plain, bare wood structures this summer. Sealing open areas or gaps with caulk help prevent carpenter bees from entering your home. Also, painting, varnishing or sealing eaves, doors, or wood railings can make it more difficult for the carpenter bee to get through to the wood. Your experienced pest control service in Memphis, AAA Termite & Pest Control, recommends keeping doors and windows closed to prevent carpenter bees from entering your home as they are more active in the spring months.

Getting rid of carpenter bees requires spraying insecticides into the holes where they have dug their nest. After spraying and given sufficient time for the compound to work, sealing the holes with wooden dowels or wood putty will keep the carpenter bees from reentering. However, since it is a delicate process that requires skillful handling of dangerous chemicals, it is best to hire a Cordova pest control company, AAA Termite & Pest Control.

Pest Control in Cordova and Memphis, Tennessee

Carpenter bees are harmless to humans when left alone and play a critical part in the pollination process. However, if they decide to make your home theirs by burrowing holes in your wood, it could cause structural damage resulting in expensive repairs. To help you locate and exterminate carpenter bees, contact your highly trained pest control technicians in Memphis, AAA Termite & Pest Control, by calling (901) 737-7378 or contact us online today.