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How to get Rid of Cockroaches in the Kitchen

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Cockroaches are known to be pretty nasty, although you don’t have to live in filth to see a roach in your home. Roaches, as they are notoriously referred to, enter homes and businesses in search of food, water, and shelter. They don’t care whether your home is dirty or spic and span, although filth certainly will make for a more habitable home for these pests. The last place you probably want to find a roach is in the kitchen where you cook, and the family gathers for meals. Today on the blog, pest control technicians in Cordova want to share with you ways to get rid of roaches in the kitchen.

First, you should know the warning signs of cockroaches.

Actually seeing a roach inside your home is a dead giveaway that there probably are more lurking where you can’t see, like behind walls, under furniture and flooring, behind baseboards, and in other dark areas. So, if upon entering the kitchen and turning on the light, you see one or more roaches scatter, there probably are more nearby.

Roach droppings are another dead giveaway that you are dealing with an infestation. Roach feces resemble coffee grounds or ground pepper, but so do termite droppings, so it’s a good idea to contact a Memphis pest control company to check out your findings. You probably don’t want to share your home with either of those pests.

Discarded egg cases are oddly shaped and brown. This indicates adult roaches are living inside your home, and that they are reproducing! These disease-born insects leave egg cases behind on furniture or inside drawers and cabinets.

If you notice signs of roach activity inside your Memphis home or business, contact AAA Termite & Pest Control as soon as possible.

In the meantime, here are ways to prevent roaches inside your home or business.

Keep the Kitchen Clean

As we mentioned, roaches enter homes and businesses looking for food, water, and shelter. Keep the kitchen or break room at work, clean. Sweep food crumbs, avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink, and don’t leave food scraps out. Also, take out the trash daily to prevent attracting roaches or other pests.

Store Food in Sealed Containers

Always store food in properly sealed containers. Never leave packaged food open. Also, if you have a pet at home, avoid leaving their food bowl out all day. Instead, put out only enough food for your pet to eat in one sitting. Store leftovers or bulk pet food in a sealed container as well.

Manage Moisture Problems

Check under the sink, and around the dishwasher and refrigerator for any moisture or water leaks. Roaches love rotten wood, which they will eat. Call an appliance repair technician or plumber if you notice any water damage or presence of moisture in your kitchen or bathrooms. Also, check around door frames and window sills for leaks.

Seal Up Cracks

Check doors, windows, and areas where electrical or plumbing enter your home or business. The most obvious area to check is under the sink. Make sure that any cracks or crevices leading outside are sealed up to prevent easy access to roaches or other pests.

Dealing with roaches can be a daunting task for homeowners. Keep you and your family safe and healthy from disease-carrying roaches. Call AAA Termite & Pest Control to irradiate roaches from your home once and for all. We provide complete pest control services to homes and business in Cordova and Memphis, TN.