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Can you get rid of German Cockroaches in Memphis?

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Have you ever heard of German cockroaches? Identified by two dark brown stripes behind the head, this species of cockroach is notorious for resisting many treatments and methods of pest control. In short, once your home or business gets infiltrated by German cockroaches in Memphis, it can be quite challenging to get rid of them without the help of professional pest control. In this article, your Memphis pest prevention professionals at AAA Termite & Pest Control explore what measures help eradicate German cockroaches.

The Problems Posed by German Cockroaches

  • German cockroaches reproduce at a very rapid rate. A single female, combined with her immediate offspring and future generations, can produce hundreds of thousands of new cockroaches in a single calendar year. This is because German cockroaches reach maturity in a span of just a few weeks.
  • They love heat and humidity. Like any species of cockroach, German cockroaches will flock to areas where heat and humidity are the highest: above refrigerators, under the sink, and around hot water pipes.
  • They’re resistant to insecticides. German cockroaches have learned through the years and know how to identify and avoid many common insecticides. An increasingly common strain of German cockroaches will find any glucose they encounter to be extremely bitter, meaning they avoid sweetened baits. Even their egg capsules cannot be penetrated by many types of insecticide.
  • German cockroaches are thigmotactic. That’s a fancy term, meaning that they prefer to congregate in confined spaces, including even the smallest cracks and crevices.

When exterminating German cockroaches, exclusion is the best defense

Exclusion for pests means you minimize the number of hiding places for cockroaches, as well as limiting their ability to move.

You can do your part by following these steps to prevent this invasive species of cockroach from infiltrating your home:

  • Inspect groceries for cockroaches before storing them. These cockroaches have been known to infest grocery bags.
  • Discard any unused corrugated cardboard boxes, which become a common breeding ground for various species of cockroaches.
  • Make sure all doors and windows on your property remain shut
  • and that all windows and screens are in good repair.
  • Have all attic vents, openings around drainage lines, and sewer vents properly screened and sealed. Tightly packed steel wool can be a fine remedy for small holes or cracks until a more permanent measure can be installed.
  • Caulk or seal any cracks and gaps around door frames, window frames, plumbing pipes, or electrical wires.

Cockroach Prevention in Memphis

At AAA Termite and Pest, we can treat for cockroaches through Integrated Pest Management, which combines common-sense practices to control for whatever type of roach that is plaguing your home or business. We do so with methods that will be effective while also not risking any harm to people or pets. We determine where and how roaches are entering your property, seal off those entry points, and then work to eliminate their food sources. To find out more about our services, call (901) 737-7378. AAA Termite and Pest is proud to serve our residential and commercial customers in Cordova and Memphis, Tennessee.