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Have you heard of Zika virus?

Hide & Screech

Have you heard of Zika virus? Borne by mosquitoes and spread by mosquito bite, it already has led the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare a public health emergency. The Zika virus has not spread to the United States yet, but it has infiltrated 34 different countries. The WHO estimates the virus will infect up to 4 million people in North, Central, and South America combined, within the next year.

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Flying ants or something else?

Although spring and summer weather are nice for enjoying the outdoors, with it come pesky insects. Maybe you have noticed flying, ant-like insects around your home, wondering what they are exactly. It may be easy to mistake them for termites, but rest at ease, they are likely winged pavement ants, known for building nests in pavement cracks, under rocks, and unfortunately, inside your home.

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Termite Clearance Letters

Common Bond??? What do Crye-Leike, Hobson & Co., Weichert, Keller-Williams, Kaizen, and Triumph Mortgage, and Marx-Bensdorf realty companies all have in common? Although they obviously help homebuyers find that new place to call home, they have all called Jeff Bittner at AAA Termite & Pest Control in the past 30 days.

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It’s a bird, it’s plane, it’s a SPIDER!!!

It’s a bird, it’s plane it’s a SPIDER!!!  Call AAA Termite & Pest Control!!  It is amazing how a “big bug” can illicit such fear and panic, in both men and women.  The only thing that is worse Gail Burnettthan finding a bug and having to kill it is finding a bug & LOSING said bug. Now your fears really start to run wild. In fact, many a pest control inspection in Memphis has started off with “I saw a spider and now I can’t find the spider!”

Even though we have some nasty tenants that live around these parts, aka brown recluse spider and pointed barbed running spider, they only move when you’re sleeping and are drawn to the oxygen that comes from your nose (the latter may or may not exist and MAY have been created to instill hysteria by the writer). The biggest of all the homewreckers (literally) are termites.

This is actual National Termite Awareness week; I’m telling you everyone gets their own week at some point or time http://entomologytoday.org/2015/03/16/termite-awareness-week/.  Termites really are a pain and having termite protection in Memphis is more of a necessity that an afterthought. Termites cause over 5 billion (that’s right billions with a B) dollars’ worth of damage annually.  So having a termite inspection is vital to protecting your home, but you already knew that (or, at least, you do now), but having a termite contract with AAA Termite & Pest Control offers more than simply providing termite protection for your home.

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How do we get rid of termites?

Termites can be one the worst fears for a homeowner, and it should be, considering that termites cause $5 billion worth of damage each year, according to the National Pest Management Association. These tiny pests are destructive, and even a small infestation can compromise the safety of your home within a short amount of time. Here are some tips for keeping termites away from your home, and what to do if you spot any.

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