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Bedbug infestations are sweeping the country and are have recently been linked to outbreaks in hotels, but they aren’t off limits to your home either. Bedbugs are rice-sized bugs that live in furniture, flooring, and most often, beds, thriving on the blood of humans or animals. Cleanliness is not always a factor when it comes to bedbugs. They can infest a home, business, or hotel and are known to travel by attaching themselves to clothing, luggage, or other cloth items that are moved from one location to another. Bedbugs can even hide in walls, behind wallpaper, along baseboards, and other items typically found in a home, office, or hotel. Bedbugs can travel by crawling from room to room as well, which is why infestations spread rapidly.

Unfortunately, bedbugs can be difficult to spot with the eye, but leave evidence of their existence behind, usually small dark dots or even blood streaks on fabrics. You will likely have small, itchy red bug bites if you’ve been exposed to bedbugs or have an infestation in your home. You may also see evidence of bed bugs from dark, rusty looking spots, their excrement, on bedding or furniture. Although bedbugs can be difficult to spot, a trained technician can detect whether or not you have a bedbug infestation and remedy the problem by developing a specialized bedbug removal treatment plan for your home.

When it comes to bedbugs, early detection is best to avoid an even bigger infestation. First, an inspection will be conducted to determine the severity of the bedbug outbreak. A trained technician will inspect bedding, linens, furniture, rugs, and any target areas using tools to access cracks and crevices. A specific treatment plan will be recommended for bedbug removal based on the severity of the issue. When remedying a bedbug problem, sometimes it’s recommended that furniture and bedding be thrown out to aid in bug removal. An important aspect of the treatment plan includes year-round monitoring to ensure the bedbugs have been completely eradicated and to ensure they don’t return.

If you are concerned you may have been exposed to bedbugs or have a bedbug infestation in your home or business, call AAA Termite and Pest Control of Memphis for a consultation at (901) 737-7378. Rest peacefully by putting your trust in us for all your bug removal needs. We’ll make sure we don’t let the bedbugs bite you tonight!